'A stunning melody bargains with hypnotic, fervent guitar and drum chops to make 'Not My Hero' a strangely affecting testament to the musical genius of Moment Of Clarity.'


- The Akademia -

What started out as a local music store's youth music project has become the area's biggest rock/alternative sensation. Moment of Clarity has raced to the top of the local and regional music scene through a smart balance of raw sound and sweet melodies. Despite a few member changes along the way,  the most recent decision to remain a four piece band seems to be the right fit.


MoC (Moment of Clarity) is still moving forward in leaps and bounds and will continue to sneak up and eventually dominate the local and regional alternative/rock scene. MoC recently was recognized by the Pavoh Awards and received nominations for two New England Music Awards. These accolades speak volumes to the band's intricate and appealing sound.


Get to know MoC and you too will become a fan for life.


Who is Moment of Clarity?

Marriah Cram - Lead Vocals
Nate McShane (Hollywood) - Guitar/Bass, Backing Vocals
Ashton Rock - Drums/Percussion, Backing Vocals
Ben Frazier - Guitar/Bass, Backing Vocals